Saturday, June 27, 2009

BIG Food Brands Made in Michigan (I like food...can you tell?)

You're having a BBQ, and have to go to the grocery store. Let's say your list consists of pop (soda), potato chips, salsa, hotdogs/sausages and buns.

Coke/Pepsi products are usually brands of choice, however, FAYGO is also a great brand. Faygo has many flavors (I LOVE Rock n' Rye, myself) and is made right here in DETROIT! Not to mention, I hear if you visit the factory, you get a t-shirt that says "I'm a Faygo"...too cool!

Put down the super fancy chips and hotdog/burger buns and grab Better Made. Again, they also have many different chip flavors, bread products and a variety of snack foods...made in DETROIT! ...and available almost everywhere.

I LOVE salsa...LOVE IT! The best salsa I've ever had is made by Garden Fresh. They also make tortilla chips, guacamole, etc, in FERNDALE. Many stores carry the brand, but if you want to keep it Michigan, buy it at Meijer!

Now, onto the meat! Kowalski has made its home in Hamtramck for nearly 85 years. You can find their products in many stores and even have their own stores in Warren, Macomb, Hamtramck (of course) and Westland.

*As always, please send me your suggestions. I'm definitely NOT aware of all of the great brands made in Michigan.

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